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Twin Sun provides marketing, strategic, and technical services to companies seeking to enter the Japanese Internet market. We can act as an advisor, incubator, investor, and joint venture partner to ensure your company's success in the second largest homogeneous Internet market in the world.

We develop long-term partnerships rather than simple contractual relationships. Our partners capitalize on the network effect of our investments and relationships. We also handle much of the back-office operations for our partners. This allows our partners to concentrate on building a team, building a product pipeline, closing business, and making customers happy.

Twin Sun provides the following services:

. Technology development . Business models & strategy
. Internationalization . Project management
. Market analysis and research . Management & Recruitment
. Partnering . Capital
. Network effect . General & Administrative
. Internet savvy legal counsel . Support
. Business development . Branding
. Access to investment bankers . Management of IPO process
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